Traveler Edition Tote Line Specifics

The future for Taaluma Totes is to be Carrying the entire world. Celebrating each and every un-Belize-able country and their un-Bolivia-ble cultures. Connecting cultures through fabrics from Italy, Madagascar and everywhere in between...we can't wait to get started with you!

Starting Tips

1) Fabric size

Dimensions Length Range Width Range
Meters 15-60 1-3
Feet 50-200 3.5-10
Inches 600-2400  40-120

2) Fabric type

  • No wool fabric
  • No embroidered fabric
  • Everything else works great

3) Fabric Design

We focus on traditional fabrics from around the world. Help us maintain this focus by choosing a fabric that is traditional to the country/region or brings back cultural memories from your travels.

4) Photos

We want to feature your country and the fabric exploring as well (on the website and possibly on our Feel Good Friday blog). So take pictures during your fabric hunt for us to share your market adventures!

Have Your Fabric?

Once you are ready, email us back at with the following information:

1) Dimensions of your fabric

Make sure to include the length and width.

2) Pictures of your fabric

We just want to make sure that we match up the correct traveler with the correct fabric.


1) I have more questions!

Seriously don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions along the way. We are here to help in any way we can from afar.

2) What do I do if I didn't get the minimum fabric size requirements?

We make Custom Totes! These are one of a kind totes made just for you. If you have more than 10 meters (3.3 ft) of fabric, email us the dimensions and we might be able to find a creative solution.