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How it Works

The Fabrics

We search far & wide for the world's best fabrics.

When we (or our customers) travel to a country, we find a local fabric shop to look for fun, colorful, and traditional designs. We love supporting fabric makers in countries around the globe.

Turned Into Totes

We turn each unique fabric into a high-quality tote.

Each tote is paired with the country where the fabric came from (example: "Peru Tote" is made of fabric from Peru)

Helping Communities

For every tote we make, we help a community in need in that tote's country.

We do this by giving microloans to farmers or small business owners that are committed to making a positive, social impact on the whole community.

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The Microloans

At Taaluma Totes, we believe in the power of microloans to transform communities. Microloans are small, interest-free loans given to individuals in developing regions to help them start or grow their businesses. Microloans help those who do not have access to conventional financing, empowering them to help their families & communities.

We vet each loan applicant for the social impact it would have: reducing hunger, increasing education, and improving the quality of life for entire communities.

When the microloans are repaid, we use the payment to purchase more fabric from that country - starting the cycle over again.

We've witnessed firsthand the incredible success stories that stem from microloans. We are proud to share that our efforts have funded $275,000 in microloans, supporting thousands of communities around the world.

By choosing Taaluma Totes, you are directly contributing to this mission, enabling more individuals to achieve their dreams and uplift their communities. Join us in making a difference.

The Tote

Welcome to Taaluma

We traveled to Uganda on a service project and found everyone wearing colorful clothes. Idea! What if we connect these colorful fabrics from around the world to people back home in the US? And thus, the Taaluma Tote was born.

Taaluma Totes was born out of our passion to connect cultures and help communities all around the world. Together, we’re connecting this world’s awesome cultures, awesome people, and awesome places—one tote at a time.