Copy of Black Friday 2022

We're joining forces with Rice Love to AMPLIFY THE GOOD and give back double to communities in need! 

When you purchase from Taaluma or Rice Love today, it will support both missions!

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. For every Taaluma sale, we will donate 12 meals worth of rice to families in India (in addition to funding our normal microloans).
  2. For every Rice Love sale, they will give microloans to farmers and small business owners in India (in addition to delivering 12 meals worth of rice to families in India).
  3. Moral of the story: one purchase supports two missions, giving double to communities in need.


Meet Rice Love!

Who is Rice Love?

Rice Love does good for people and the planet. Their mission is to end global hunger - one family at a time. They've already hand-delivered over 900,000 meals worth of rice to families in India.

What do they sell?

Rice Love sells purses, yoga mat bags, backpacks, hip packs, and much more! See their best sellers here! Everything is made with eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials (for example, the burlap is from recycled rice sacks). 

How do they give back?

For every item made, they donate rice to families in need AND each product comes with the proof (a unique tag number that can be entered on their website to find the photo and story of the family that YOU have fed). 


Here's to making your Black Friday shopping count and helping communities in need around the globe. 

- the Taaluma team