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A loan helped a member to purchase TerraClear water filters so they can have access to safe drinking water.

Sonephunxay Group's story

Thylon understands the difference the water filter can make for his family and for his group’s families. He knows that local water sources require boiling before consumption, and boiling water consumes natural and financial resources.

The water filter Thylon purchased will increase his family’s disposable income by substantially decreasing money spent to buy charcoal, or decreasing the time and cost of foraging for firewood. The filter also eliminates the need to purchase bottled water if it is available.

Thylon is excited that the filter was purchased on an affordable payment schedule and the filter is guaranteed for 4 years, so he and his group can continue to receive the many benefits of clean water for many months to come.

In this group: Thylon, Aaeng

This loan is special because:

It improves the health of low-income families by providing access to clean drinking water.

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