We Bali've...

We Bali've...

Feel Good Friday

We Bali’ve a smile can connect the world.  

With one smile, we can see one another...

Balinese Temple
(Bali, Indonesia)

learn from one another…

Flores Woman Sewing
(Flores, Indonesia)

and connect with one another.

Javanese Tuk tuk
(Java, Indonesia)

From island to island, the Indonesian people show how this Su’mantra is ingrained in their culture.  And you can Flores't assured that by sharing a smile, you're sure to get one right back!  

So to celebrate this smiling culture, we're making Java'ilable a few new Indonesia Totes:

Indonesia Tote (Limited) Indonesia Tote (Limited) Indonesia Tote (Limited) Indonesia Tote

(Shop Indonesia Totes Here)

Here’s to moving Kalimantan’s with your smile & to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders


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