Simply Ir-wrist-istible

Simply Ir-wrist-istible

Feel Good Friday

Whether you’re an adventu(w)rist...

(Taaluma Wristband cut from leftover Guatemala Tote fabric)

a cultu(w)rist...

(Taaluma Wristband cut from leftover Bhutan Tote fabric)

or an ecotou(w)rist...

(Taaluma Wristbands cut from leftover Indonesia Tote fabric)

One thing is for sure…the p(w)ristine wonders of the world are yours to explore. 

Taaluma wristbands are cut from leftover Taaluma Tote fabric and we give away 25 sets per day!  Join us in threading the world together through its funky fabrics, and giving every last strip of Taaluma fabric an adventure of its own. 

Here’s to exploring this ir-wrist-istible world and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

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