A Year of Travels: 2021

A Year of Travels: 2021

In a year of limited travel, Taaluma customers still found ways to explore new places in 2021. 

Across the nation, adventure seekers grabbed their totes and went in search of grandeur.

From the frost impression of the mountains,

Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

to the peak experience of the Appalachians, 

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

traveling is something we should never take for granite.

So don’t mist out on the views, 

Sewanee, Tennessee

and rush to the waterfalls,

McKinney Falls State Park, Texas

because nature is worth falling in love with.... over & over again!

And when the valleys of life come, 

Boise, Idaho

and you feel like you canyon-ly take one more step, 

Grand Canyon, Arizona

the gorges beauty of this world will give you the strength to keep moving. 

Besides, exploring the outdoors is a shore way to have some fun! 

Monterrey, California

And there’s nothing like a day outside to buoy your spirits

Maui, Hawaii

Here’s to living life to the fullest & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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