Pho-Totes of the Week

This week's Feel Good Friday is short and sweet.  It's all about YOU - the Taaluma Team.  And we want to show off some of the finest Taaluma moments you captured on camera.

Find this image on Facebook to see three of the kwirky-est pics you've shared with us.  Now YOU decide who this week's winner should be.  The Taaluma "Toter" with the most shares/likes/comments by next Thursday wins a Kwirky Kenya Key-Swag and wristband!

So get voting, and keep toting!

PS. To enter your photo for the next Totin' Photo of the Week, hashtag it with #CarryACountry.  And the winner of last weeks FRIDAY GIVEAWAY is Ho Chi Do.  Woohoo!! Send us your address because key swag is coming your way.

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