Swe'eten It Up

Swe'eten It Up

Feel Good Friday

Nothing says “Sweden” like the Dala horse.  

Its story begins deep in the forests of Sweden.  During the long winter nights, men carved these wooden horses for their kids.  Another day, another dala, and before long these dala horses became a staple toy for kids in the region.  Inspired by flower patterns painted on local furniture, people then began to dala’p brightly colored paints on these wooden horses.  Soon enough this dala tradition swept across the country like a ti’dala wave...

This small town handicraft has become a national sensation and Sweden is now all dala'd up with these colorful horses.  During a trip to Sweden, Brandi found this dala horse fabric and thought it was time to Swe’eten up the Taaluma collection too...

Sweden Tote (by Brandi Guarneri)

(Sweden Tote by Brandi Guarneri)

Here’s to idala’zing unique traditions around the world and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

PS.  Plus a few more Traveler Edition Totes made with unique designs that tell a story of their own...

China Tote (by Alyx Bean)

(China Tote by Alyx Bean)

Ghana Tote (by Karen Duca)

(Ghana Tote by Karen Duca)

Guadeloupe Tote (by Stacy Wight)

(Guadeloupe Tote by Stacy Wight)

India Tote (by Ektaa Deora)

(India Tote by Ektaa Deora)

Mexico Tote (by Heather Day)

(Mexico Tote by Heather Day)

Sierra Leone Tote (by Kayla Duckert)

(Sierra Leone Tote by Kayla Duckert) 

United Arab Emirates Tote (by Twana Brooks)

(United Arab Emirates Tote by Twana Brooks)

(Find fabric on your next trip)

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