A Natural Storyteller

A Natural Storyteller

Nature speaks softly. 

If you listen long enough, you can hear it.

Nature tells stories. Good ones too!

Like any good storyteller, nature uses visual aids to hook its audience. 

And since nature is old school, it doesn’t like using powerpoints!!! ;) 
So it uses unique patterns and fun colors instead!

From the beautiful tale of a peacock,

to the lush fanta’sea of a tropical island,

to the rich bio-me of a forest,

nature has many novel-ties just waiting to be explored.

(Nature even makes sea’quels interesting.) 

For centuries, humans have copied the stories nature provides in their fabric designs. This is especially true in East Africa (where the idea for Taaluma came from), where fabric is a major component of cultural identity. East African fabric often mimics nature, symbolizing their respect for and dependence on the land.

Here’s to telling your story and letting nature tell theirs… & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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