A Living Legend

A Living Legend

Feel Good Friday

“When the warm days of summer arrive in Provence, the air is filled with the song of the cicadas, or 'cigales' in French."

"They’re the loudest insects on the planet and their “song” has been measured at up to 120 decibels, which is comparable to a motorcycle. It’s the male cicada who produces that characteristic chirping sound as a mating call. However, Monsieur Cigale can only serenade the ladies when the temperature is about 25°C (77°F) or higher, because at lower temperatures, his noise-making membrane loses its elasticity."

"According to Provençal folklore, the cicada was sent by God to waken peasants from their afternoon siestas on hot summer days and prevent them from becoming too lazy. However, the plan backfired: Instead of being disturbed by the cicada, the peasants found the sound of their buzzing relaxing, which in turn lulled them to sleep. There is a Provençal expression: Il ne fait pas bon de travailler quand la cigale chante, or “It’s not good to work when the cicada is singing."

"The people of Provence adopted the noisy critters as their mascot based on the legend, and the motif made its way into everything from regional fabrics to pottery displayed proudly outside Provençal homes."

"This cicada fabric was bought in Arles from a shop owned by a husband and wife, and the husband makes the fabrics.”—Traveler Debbie

Here’s to taking a France'y to this living legend and to feeling good—because after all, it's Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

PS.  Plus a few more fabrics from other travelers who experienced legendary trips of their own...

Photos: Provence, France by Taaluma Traveler Debbie Small.

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