Sneak Peak: The Taa-looming Tote



This tote has been Taa-looming in our closet the past couple weeks.  With school starting and tote sales re-opening Sunday, September 1st, it’s ready to make its first appearance.  Introducing to you...the Uganda Tote! 

Before we share this bad mama-jama with the rest of the world, we want your help naming it.  So far, we have totes such as the ‘Infectious Indonesia’, ‘Giddy Ghana’ and ‘Kwirky Kenya’.  But Uganda has proven to be a doozy to name.

How to help?

Go to this picture on Facebook, post a comment, and unveil your name for this fine line of Ugandan totes!

Here's to Happy Totin' and Feelin' Good--cause after all, it's Friday.

(PS--congrats to Ian Hengemuhle for winning last week's International Swag Giveaway.  Ian's getting international fabrics to swag out his passport.  Shoot us an email with your address so you can get swagging ASAP!)

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