Kick those boring generic backpacks to the curb!

Super Traveler Origin Story

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Jack and Alley traveled to Uganda and found everyone wearing colorful clothes.

Alley got jealous and bought a skirt.

Jack got jealous and bought a jackfruit.

He was still jealous and bought a backpack.

When getting back home to the US, an idea was born.

What if we connect these colorful bags from around the world to people back home in the US?

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And thus, the Taaluma Tote was born.



Fabric from around the world


Made in the USA


Microloan back to each tote's country


Each backpack style tote is paired with a country. It is made from a fabric from that country and then funds a microloan for a person in that country.

Did you know?

Microloans are small loans provided to small businesses, farmers, and artisans typically in developing areas who don't have access to traditional bank financing. The goal of microloans are to support entrepreneurship and in return, alleviate poverty.

When the loan is paid back, the money is used to buy more fabric from that country, thus starting the cycle all over again.

So when you carry Taaluma, you carry a country.

(The Amazon cocoa farmers in the picture above used mircoloans to purchase more materials and supplies to give them a greater chance of success for a plentiful harvest)


When you purchase a Taaluma Tote, you make a difference for more than just the person receiving the tote.

When you purchase a tote, you also touch the life of:

A fabric maker in that country

Like Pak, our pal from Indonesia. Each tote fabric is sourced from local and traditional fabric from that country.

An adult in the USA

Like Reggie, who loves using his hands to create totes. Each tote is assembled by hardworking men and women in the United States.

A small business owner in that country

Like Elisa, who is using her microloan to buy a pair of calves and rent land for her farm.

Proceeds from each tote are microloaned to a farmer or small business owner in that country.

They repay the loan when they can, and we use the repayment to buy more fabric from that country - starting the cycle again.

That is how each Taaluma Tote can touch countless lives.


The combination of our unique product and cause gave Taaluma the opportunity to pitch in front of some of the most famous entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.

"It's beautifully made, the quality is incredible"

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Robert Herjavec

"You should be proud, great product"

Customer image

Mark Cuban

"I would pay $200 for this and I would be proud"

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Daymond John

Even though we were unable to secure an investment with the sharks, with the level of support we received from the community alone, we were able to microloan over $50,000 immediately following our Shark Tank episode.


We have received so many compliments on our totes, from thousands of reviews to even the sharks on Shark Tank. It’s actually hard to convey the quality and beauty of each tote through photos alone (feedback we receive quite often).

I bought my backpack at a friend's recommendation and after seeing all of the amazing reviews. When it came I was immediately impressed by how well it is made. I've been using it every day & am amazed by how much it can actually hold. I'm so excited to use it during my trip to the Bahamas. I have no doubts that when this one finally wears out I'll be buying another. Love everything about my Taaluma Tote!

Amy H.

I bought this tote as a gift to my girlfriend. She immediately loved it when she opened it up. This thing is made from high quality materials. It's not something that will fall apart anytime soon. If you're on the fence about buying one, it's worth the money you're spending.

Aaron M.

What a great tote!!!! Sturdy, beautifully crafted, and gorgeous blend of fabrics. It is a conversation starter for sure and all who learn about how the company operates are very impressed. You have a proud customer to add to your list.

Ciro M.

This is our third purchase of a Taaluma Tote. Very pleased. This bag is even better in person! Colors are amazing.

Annie Y.

This is my third Taaluma Tote (2 for me and one gifted) and I thought I loved my last one!!! The picture doesn't do this fabric justice. It is so vibrant and has many more colors that I realized. Built to last, roomy, comfy to carry, and gorgeous, does it get any better? I think not!

Rebecca M.

My original one has lasted 5 years with heavy everyday use. People are asking if they could have the old one when I get a new one that is how good they are. Bought two for my daughters this year. I love supporting this organization.

Patricia T.







Thank You

Together, we’re connecting this world’s awesome cultures, awesome people, and awesome places—one tote at a time.

And to those of you who think we’re crazy—we totally agree.

But sometimes the crazy things in life are the ones worth fighting for. So if you're crazy enough to join us, pack your tote, because this is going to be a trip to remember…

-The Taaluma Team